How it works

If you cannot come to our atelier in Edinburgh, you can still order a Natalia Misslin design using our mail-order service.

All our garments are made-to-measure and for mail order are based on the measurements you provide us with. To help you we provide a Dti measurement form for you to fill in.

We recommend you use a professional dressmaker to take the measurements for you.
Alternatively, with the limitation inherent to video calling, Natalia can give you guidance with a video call on Skype.

Natalia Misslin’s mail-order process:

1- Following e-mail or telephone conversations, including exchange of pictures of Natalia’s collection, measurement form and pictures of yourself, Natalia Misslin will produce a final sketch of the dress. At this stage you will be given a price for the order. (Please be sure to check what is and is not included in the price below.)

2- Most dresses available by mail order are subject to restrictions in terms of colours and type of fabric. In any case, we will send you a sample of the fabric before you order.

3- E-mail or telephone conversations will continue while we are producing the dress.

4- We will inform you once your dress is ready and when payment is to be expected

Timing of each step

1- It can take few weeks of initial consultation and exchanges before the dress is ordered, so you should always contact us as early as possible.
On average it takes six months from when a dress is ordered to delivery to you.

2- Shipping. We aim to ship the completed dress at least four to five weeks before your wedding date. It should be noted that we would have a fair idea of the time required for shipping based on the time taken to send the fabric sample.

Payment terms
• Where prices are quoted in a currency other than Pounds Sterling, the price will not be subject to currency fluctuations.
• A 30% non-refundable deposit of the total order price is required within at time of order. Once the deposit has been paid, the price quoted will be fixed for the duration of the order.
• All outstanding amounts (70% non-refundable) will be due on completion of the order and must be paid in full before shipping.
• Payments can be made by credit or debt card/bank transfer. Any shipping will be held until payment has cleared.


What is included in the price
• The cost of the chosen fabric and all labour.
• Any shipping cost and insurance from us to your chosen address.

What is not included in the price
• Any alterations are the responsibility of the client and should be budgeted for before any order is placed. The price of a dress usually includes alterations, but it is not practical to offer this service to mail-order customers. The price of any dress supplied by mail order is adjusted to reflect this.
• Any alterations to the original garment specification which will require substantial additional work or costs, such as addition of sleeves, additional lace, embroidery or silk painting once the process has begun.
• Any customs charges on receipt of the completed dress. As customs charges might differ from country to country and in some cases, from state to state. It is therefore the customer's own responsibility to investigate and pay any charges due on collection.