Nathalie; Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Could you please tell me how you found the dress? Nathalie's (Florida, USA)  online order

It was late last year [2011] that I started casually looking at dresses, in shops and online, but not finding anything I really liked. I'm not the usual bride who grew up with an exact dress in mind.

What made you choose me for your dress?

I'm not the type of bride who likes shiny, shimmery, pouffy gowns. So on yet another search online one night, I came across your gorgeous, creamy silk crepe bias-cut design with just a touch of French lace, and thought to myself, "how beautiful! But how do I find this dress in person to try it on?" I emailed all the local bridal shops, and even Kleinfeld's in New York City looking for "With The Wind and The Rain In Your Hair" -- but no one had access to your designs, they could only offer similar looks. I Googled and researched you as much as possible from so far away, but aside from your official website, I found nothing around in the U.S.

So, I shared the dreamy photo with one of my oldest girlfriends, who will stand as my person/witness/maid of honor. Being the kind of girl that she is, Chelsea actually called Scotland and spoke directly with someone at your shop. I believe it may have been Chris.

What were you doubt about getting your dress made in Scotland?

Well that started the whole process rolling: I received an email from Natalia and then we emailed constantly -- with measurements, learned how to send money internationally, and many other details, at one point I even shared the story of how my fiancé, and I met. I'm sure I made all of you quite nutty with all my emails -- but yes, I was a huge leap of faith to entrust someone I had never met (but hopefully someday will!) with not only wire-transferred money, but my dream wedding dress -- and I didn't know that I had a dream dress!!!

I'm not sure exactly what it was, but something made me trust this unorthodox long-distance process and your extraordinary design talents, Natalia. And later, reality proved that I was right in doing so...

How was the process (measurement, pictures ...) What was the first impression when you saw and tried the dress?

After carefully opening the package, I hung this creamy, flowy fabric and watched it unfurl into this gorgeous dress! I had to just stand there and stare... for a long time... in awe! Then I tried it on - it slipped on so easily and so perfectly. I put on the shoes I bought and hoped would match and found that they are a perfect match in color, elegant girly frill, and height.
I then ran to the closest mirror and could not stop staring at how perfectly this dress fits me, almost as if it were made on the same vicinity with many fittings and changes! Everything hit me all at once - the seriousness of the situation and all that is to come and I got chills - I'm going to be a BRIDE!!!!
My wedding dress that you so skilfully created for me, fits me so well that I won't need any alterations! And believe me, I am so relieved with that because I'm not sure I would trust anyone here to touch your creation! Thank you so much for doing what you were obviously born to do.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making what's going to be joyous and emotional day even more special! My mom and dad have seen my dress and loved it

My usually quiet and reserved father said quite emphatically, "¡esta muy bonito!" (This means, “It is very nice”, in Spanish). I have passed along your name and website to another friend, Heather, who will be marrying next year and like me, does not enjoy the style of the conventional American wedding dress. I will be sending you photos of our wedding day so that you may share with your clients, if you wish. And as I said before, if you find yourself in South Florida, please let me know!

YUKO; taka-shi,Tokyo, Japan

For our Japanese customers who don't fancy automated translation tools

Could you please tell me how you found the dress?

せっかくの一生に一度しか着ないウェディングドレスですので、きちんと した生地のものを着たいと思いGoogle画像検索で「silk wedding dress」 で検索した中で、一番気に入ったドレスでした。

What made you choose me for your dress?

自分のサイズにあった、望んだデザインの、きれいなシルエットのドレスを その方が私にとってはベストであった事 が一番の理由です。何よりもデザインに一目惚れして、 期日迄に間に合わせてつくって頂けるという温かい解答にも、デザイナーの方の優しさを感じ ました。

What were you doubt about getting your dress made in Scotland?

海外からの購入は何度と経験がある事ためスコットランドでつくって頂く事に ついての不安は始めはありませんでした。
しかしネットで記載のあったクレジットカード払いが出来なかった事で、郵便局からの国際送金は必要となり、手続きが若干大変でした。あとは、当日 までに関税の処理等で間に合うのかという不安が最後までありましたが、無事予定通りに受け取る事が出来ました。

How was the process (measurement, pictures ...) What was the first impression when you saw and tried the dress?